You poor, ugly thing you..
"Honeybear and Sugarcomb; haha, we're like syrup niggah!" -L
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i edited the series on behance – new selection

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Miguel Laino

1. Black Portrait of a Poet

2. Fugaz Realidad, K-holes and Fragmented Reality and Right Back to Right Now

3. The Long Walk Ahead While Looking Back in Disbelief

4. No There, No Then…

5. Patient

6. Designated Guardian

7. The Observer Effect

8. Salvado 

9. Stepping Across the Edge of the In-between

10. Portrait

Simple Step-by-Step for Watercolor →


Pauliina (aka pettry) posted this fantastic watercolor tutorial. For lots of artists their creative process tends to be fairly intuitive, so I applaud her for breaking it down in a way that everyone can understand—not always an easy feat. Check it out! 


Gillian Lambert - 1: Hands from Self-Deception series, 2011  2: Untitled, 2012     Drawings: Graphite on Paper


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