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"So what you’re saying is that the Physics in our world only slowed down Godzilla’s burning process. but didn’t stop it?" Hercules Hansen asked his team of scientists. Doctor Herman Gottlieb, Nest, and Doctor Ishiro Serazawa, the Grandson of the same Doctor Serazawa who killed the original Godzilla, stood facing him with a grim discovery.

"Unfortunately the physics that slowwed the process have actually made the problem worse. you see he is building up and emmitting more radiation then every before, and when he melts down it will not be a melting effect that wil drive down to the planets core, but a violent explosion that may not only destroy this planet, but traverse through the other worlds destroying my home world as well. there is such unprecedented levers of radiation being taken into effect in our calculations, this is a problem unlike any we have ever faced."

"on top of all this bad news, the big guy is in some serious pain. he is feeling all this with devastating effects. hes isolating himself from the other monsters and even little g. every moment we cant help him he is suffering. and we are in trouble too. he is irradiating the whole island. in a week, the island would be uninhabitable to us, in a month even the monsters would have to leave, and thats if he doesnt blow us all up by then" newt Chimed in.

"What do we do now…" Hercules turned and starred at the monitors behind him, they showed satilite footage of the monster, he walked around the southern side of the island, he was smoking, and glowing like never before, it almost hurt his eyes to watch the screen.

"well, and it does pain me to say this, Newt has a rather brilliant idea on the matter. using samples of Biollante’s cells from the incident at the shatter home, newt thinks he can make a spray of Biollante cells to absorb and feed of of the excess radiation and either buy us more time, or in the best case scenario-" Herman began as he was cut off.

"save Godzilla and the world, making me officially the coolest guy you know." newt interjected

"do it. immediately." Herc gave the order, they had to save Godzilla.

*                *                  *

Burning. his insides were on fire. he could feel his skin crawling under itself. like it wanted to leave his bones and his muscles pulsed as ifthey were posessed. he had no place among his friends, his family. he was a risk. he uncontrollably used his energy burst effect. it was more frequent. he had to leave them before they got hurt, or worse, his son… He was dying. he knew this. he just wanted peace. his bones ached and cracked slowly under the enormous pressured being applied by his own surging sinews. but his healing factor was also strengthened and increased. every wound he caused himself healed just as fast. he roared in pain, he was dying, this wasn;t fair, he had fought every foe he could and won. he was the king, and he was killing himself, and he couldnt fight it. he felt weak, and that made it all so much worse. pain he could handle, give him a monster, a foe, to fight and he would triumph. but this? how could he begin to fight himself? 

a cold metal hand grasped his shoulder. he looked, it was one of the human’s robots. this was it, they had come to put him down. he welcomed death. fires burst out on his flesh, spontaneously. he welcomed it, he wanted to die, to stop all of this. the pain, the loneliness. just do it. 


Coyote tengo lowered its canons and took aim. this was it. It fired.

Godzilla looked up, perplexed, confused. what had happened, he still lived. he looked down, there was a cool feeling on his chest. sproutlings began growing out of a green slime. quickly they grew into enourmous vines! Taking over and bringing him down! 

not like this, this isnt how he would go. He let our a roar and prepared to burn it away, but he felt it. the pain was subsiding. the burning…. eased. 

He heard a familiar roar, but without any malice in its tone. the vines receded, he stood up. He felt strong, stronger than he ever felt, his body was cool, tough, but not burning. his eyes were colored, he could see clearly for the first time in months. he took a deep breath in. cool air reached his lungs. he could feel the breeze blowing on him, over the mountains. He was alive. he was…alive. 

He was the king. and he was saved. he walked twoards the Jaegers, and away from biollante. HE roard a triumphant, grateful roar. 

Biollante made no reach for any of them. this was a new creature, she didnt hunger. after the feast she just had. she would never hunger again. docile, she would live in peace with them. and fight by their sides. 

Godzilla Roared.

He was alive. He was the King once more. 

he was ready to die, he had wanted to die. he was in pain,killing himself slowly. miserable. weak. and now… he never felt more alive…

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Awesome Godzilla art by:

Some hack drawing Godzilla crap ;)


Imaginarium 1 (instant collection) by almapottery


“Murdoc is sort of the, um, it’s his band. He sort of put Gorillaz together. It’s his idea. But he’s sort of an ugly, sort of, snaggle-toothed Satanist who didn’t actually get the job of being the lead singer ‘cause he isn’t very handsome. So, 2D got the job, which is always going to piss him off.” – Jamie Hewlett

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